Silverfish Control

The wingless and crawling pests have been irritating people from many years. Thus, you would not like to have these creepy pests in your house. They can bring a lot of allergies and many other harmful contaminants. This does not also mean that these pests would not wreck anything that comes in their way. The silverfish control expert can help you to remove the pests from your house completely. Here are some of the things which you should know about the silverfish present in your house. 

Silver Fish Control Services
Silver Fish Control Services

Tips to Identify Silverfish 

It is important for you to know about the silverfish infestation for ignoring or preventing the harmful effects of pests. Here are some of the signs of infestation you should keep in mind. 

  • Silverfish is the pest which is found in various shades of grey as well as silver. In addition, they are known to be slender as well as long.
  • Silverfish have flat bodies and have broad front as well as narrow backward.
  • The pests can vary in size between 5 to 15 mm and they can be recognized due to their bodies. 
  • The silverfish also have three tentacles on tip of their belly and each one is as long as its body. 
  • Silverfish also have two antennas on their heads which help them in easy communication. 
  • These pests are known to be extremely fast. The entire nest of the silverfish can scurry away from one spot in a few seconds. 
  • Silverfish like to reside in damp as well as dark places and they cannot swim. 

We have been dealing with the silverfish from many years and use all the best methods for preventing them. Well, you can seek help from our experts to control the silverfish infestation. 

Prevention Methods Silverfish Control at Home

You can prevent the infestation of silverfish in your house by following the proper preventive measures. Here are some of the preventive measures that would be helpful for you and highly suggested by silverfish pest control experts. 

Same Day Silverfish Control Services
Same Day Silverfish Control Services
  • You should thoroughly vacuum as well as furniture, carpets as well as flooring on regular intervals of time. 
  • You should remove major attractants such as food sources and keep them in tightly sealed food containers. 
  • You should make sure that there are no leaky pipes in the bathroom as well as kitchen of your house. 
  • Regularly dust the corners and gap behind your refrigerators as well as ovens. 
  • You should not allow water for accumulation in your house or garden. 
  • Remove all the excess items for reducing the mess of clutter inside your house.
  • You should use dehumidifiers in your house for reducing the amount of moisture in your house. 
  • The elimination of moisture is important as it enhances the growth of silverfish infestation in your house. 

How Our Services Would Be Beneficial for You? 

We at Arrow Exterminating have been dealing with silverfish pest from many years and we know all the ideal methods to deal with these creepy pests. Hence, by the help of our experts, you would be able to make your house free from silverfish and the bad impacts of presence of silverfish. So, choose our Pest Control Services in Melbourne to create a pest-free environment in your house.

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